Creative Corner: News on Upcoming Art Chats, Blind Series of Fiction Books and Painting Posts!

Behind the Scenes Author Reading!

Well–I did it!  I posted my first author reading over on Patreon!  As it says in the rewards for being a patron, I would do author readings, have behind the scenes teasers and cover reveals too!  You don’t know how daunting I found this task. These author readings are easy for me. I know I can chat like crazy during more »

Keeping Things On Track

It’s been a busy week of editing and post cool rewards for my patrons over on Patreon. Yesterday I recorded a quick little video that shows and talks about how I keep my novels on tracking using a timeline created in Excel. I also do a lot of note taking when I’m writing. I have notebooks full of scribbled notes more »

All Things Creative/Art Chat with Author Mary Castillo

I had a wonderful chat with Mary Castillo, author of paranormal mystery/romance novels. We learned early on that Mary grew up in a haunted house and how that experience has helped her write her paranormal mystery novels. Mary shared a number of moments–like when she was writing the series, listening to her muse and began to wonder how she would more »

Art Chat with Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon

I chatted with Bridgette Mongeon, our first sculptor on the show. Bridgette is a ball of creating, marketing, sculpting, writing, and fun energy!  Our chat starts with her talking about her artistic journey and why she chose sculpting as her expressive media. Bridgette lives in Houston and has just completed a six-year project. She talks about this project, from securing the commission more »

Wanted–Informants, Assets, Field Agents and Patrons!

We are on Patreon. Below is the information that can be found on her page. Click here to visit Linda’s Patreon Page!       Your contact for this mission is the author of the Blind Series novels, Linda Riesenberg Fisler.  Hang with me on this espionage theme as I introduce myself to you. I’m an award-winning author and artist more »

Riesenberg Fisler Uses Only Quality Materials from these Proud Sponsors

"I find your art very appealing, particularly your ease with light, brushwork, composition and color. You do breathe things into life, and I really do like the way you use a palette knife." ~Daniel Brown Don't forget, you can drop Linda a note anytime at cincyredhead[at]gmail[dot]com anytime!