All Things Creative/Art Chat with Author Mary Castillo

I had a wonderful chat with Mary Castillo, author of paranormal mystery/romance novels. We learned early on that Mary grew up in a haunted house and how that experience has helped her write her paranormal mystery novels.

Mary shared a number of moments–like when she was writing the series, listening to her muse and began to wonder how she would classify the books. You see, Mary was traditionally published for a different series. This new direction didn’t really interest the traditional publisher, so Mary decided to self-publish.  Listen to Mary experience with both traditional and self-publishing.

We talked about many things and even ventured into the world of series–including writing trilogies or just a continuation of a book inside a series. We ended up discussing the Game of Thrones and Star Wars!

It was a delightful interview. Mary is super-talented and entertaining. Have a listening!

As always, thank you for your support.

You can click here to listen to the chat.

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