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Order Your Autographed Copy Of Blind Persuasion Today!

lfisler : June 20, 2016 1:21 pm : AMO Art Chat

Want to read the award winning, Blind Persuasion and you want it autographed by Linda?

We’re celebrating Blind Persuasion placing in the 2016 Paris Book Festival.  You can order your autographed copy of the award winner by selecting the Paypal button below.  The price is $12.95(plus shipping and handling)! 

But wait–you haven’t read three time award winner Blind Influence? Well, we have you covered for that as well!  Now you can order both books for $10.50 each (plus shipping and handling)!  Linda will sign both books and send them to you!  Select the Buy Now button and we’ll get them out to you pronto!  The special combo price is only good until July 1st, so don’t wait!  Order yours now!

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8 Comments to Art Chat

  1. Marsha says:

    I want to thank you for your interviews, I found your podcasts last summer, and have followed you ever since.

    There is a quietness and respectfulness in your interview style which makes it very easy to concentrate and absorb the information in the interview.

    I am hoping you will have followup interviews with many of the people, I just listened to Quang Ho, he and David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Jeff Watts, CW Mundy, Kevin McPhearson…very good. The way David, Sherrie, Jeff and Quang were able to impart information in such a short time, was amazing.

    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you again.
    Marsha Lehmann

    • lfisler says:

      Dear Marsha,
      Thank you so much for you wonderful comments and for following the show. I appreciate your compliments very much. I’m also very honored that these wonderful master artists have been so giving and willing to do the show. Their generosity and artists like you who listen keep us doing what we’re doing. In this internet age it is hard to know how folks are feeling about what you are doing–except for the numbers of listeners that keep returning to listen, so I’m very happy to hear that you are finding them so useful. We’ve got some great shows scheduled in the coming months and we do plan to follow up with a number of artists to have them on the show again.

      It truly is my pleasure and honor to do the show.
      Thank you again.

  2. I recently found your wonderful art Chat’s channel. You had mentioned an interview with Sherry Mcgraw and David Leffel regarding edges and although I have looked, I have been unable to find this particular interview. I was wondering if it took place and if not, do you plan on maybe conducting this interview in the future? Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much Linda! I really enjoy listening to your show, they are so informative!

    • lfisler says:

      Thank you Tammy! I’m so happy that you find the shows informative. They are so much fun to do and I’m very honored that the artists on the show are so generous.
      Thanks again!

  4. deb keirce says:

    On behalf of WAM – Women.Artists.Mentors.,

    Thank you so much for inviting us as guests on your podcast today Linda. What a treat it was to talk with you and to work with Cherie and Jen to bring the discussion to your listeners. We are honored and thrilled that already, several people have reached out to tell us they are planning to create mentoring groups of their own. Mission accomplished!

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