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All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Blind Influence audiobook book trailer–Just because it took Linda six hours to create it and she wanted to share it with you.

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Welcome to the Blind Series–Foreward read by George Gallo
Linda shares the foreward read by George Gallo and introduces us to The Blind Series Network.

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Artist/Creative Marketing with Jim Kukral
Join Linda as she chats with Jim Kukral about finding your 1000 true fans (this applies to ALL artists), thirteen reasons why you are not as successful as you should be, and leveraging social media or not. Ready for some tough love?



All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler

Linda was interviewed by Daudi Mugabi for his Ugandan podcast called Business Mic ( She was asked about her books, business, and artwork.

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler

Listen to Chapter One Part One of the Blind Influence audiobook read by Skyboat Media’s Stefan Rudnicki! Linda starts off the raffle contest to win a canvas print of Claude Monet’s Lily Pad. You can find out more information by going to Enjoy the reading and enter the contest today! Pre-order/order your copy of Blind Influence at and Amazon.

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
An Additional and New Podcast!
Linda has launched another podcast in addition to All Things Creative! The Blind Series Network! The Blind Series Network will feature author readings of the prequel to the book she is currently working on–Cloaked. This first episode introduces the new podcast with a special foreward by George Gallo. George read the foreward for the Blind Influence audiobook. It’s the best way to introduce you to the new podcast and what it is all about! Read more here.

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Linda discusses her painting process using her paintings at various stages of the process. Topics discussed: drawing, value studies, applying color, directing the eye around the canvas, and more.

This podcast is better viewed on Youtube:


All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler

Linda talks with Andrew Allemann about podcasting. Ever wonder how to get started? What kind of audience size should you expect? How do I pitch myself or my show? Andrew is the founder of and he shares his passion for podcasting with us!

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Movie Production with Dick Atkins
Linda is joined by movie producer Dick Atkins. We explore the movie production process from development to post-production. Do you know what a movie producer does? What’s the difference between an active producer and an executive producer? How can indie authors have their books become movies? What is the movie production process?



All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Through the Looking Glass featuring Jamie Markle
All Things Creative host Linda Riesenberg Fisler talks with Jamie Markle, former publisher with F+W Media about stepping through the looking glass as he embarks on his artistic career. Jamie provides business advice for artists and talks about switching careers from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur.



All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Fundamentals of Self-Publishing.
Are you a beginner Author? Do you want to Self Publish, but don’t know where to start? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? This talk will discuss the fundamentals of self-publishing, providing useful tools to help you start writing to pushing that publish button!



All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler

In this episode of Color Your World (originally created for TV Middletown), Linda chats with Michael Harding. Michael is owner and operator of Michael Harding Hand Made Oil Colours in Wales, England. He visited Middletown to talk about his paints.

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
How Do You Start Writing

Linda discusses how to start writing a novel, screenplay, or short story. She also discusses how she approaches her free write, outlines, and organizing the final product. She uses painting process at times to help explain the concepts.

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Tuesday Teaser–Book Four of the Blind Series
Linda discusses the two different possible openings for book four. She discusses the reasons why she is considering these two very different openings. She also reads part of the opening scenes for you to enjoy!

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Breaking a Creative Block
In this episode, Linda talks about getting back into her daily creative process. She talks about how she eased back into the creative process.

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
How to Create Characters
Linda talks about character creation, adding on to the previous discussion of character development. She references her Blind Series characters during the discussion. Another popular podcast over on Buzzsprout and iTunes!

All Things Creative with Linda Riesenberg Fisler
Character Development versus Creating a Painting–Are They Similar
In this podcast, author and artist Linda Riesenberg Fisler talks the similarities between creating a character and creating a painting.
This was a very popular podcast on iTunes and Buzzsprout and hope you have a listen!

Art Chat with Steven DaLuz
Unleashing Your Creative Bounds
Steven DaLuz discusses his creative process and working with encaustics, oil, gold leaf and more!


Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Visual Storytelling with Gabrielle de Cuir!

Join Linda as she welcomes Gabrielle de Cuir for this exciting storytelling discussion!

We stepped outside the artist world to get some advice on visual storytelling. Whether we are creating a painting, writing a book or recording an audio book, we need visual storytelling. Gabrielle de Cuir is a producer and CEO of Skyboat Media and a wonderful storyteller. Join us as she provides advice for telling stories: advice that will help you tell stories with your brush and, if you are interested, with your pen!



Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Let’s talk color with Carolyn Anderson!

Carolyn Anderson talks color with in this informative Art Chat with Linda Fisler. Is blue really a cool temperature? Can red be cool or warm? What about warm colors in shadow? What’s the science around pigments and light? How does it affect how we see and interpret color? These are just a few questions that Carolyn and Linda with explore.
Have a listen to our discussion!


Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Working the Workshop with Jennifer McChristian!

Jennifer McChristian is rocking the art workshop circuit with destinations that include Provence and South Africa as well as workshops in California. Jennifer shares the ins and outs of preparing to teach in the workshop environment and what you need to know to hold successful international art workshops. She’ll also share her approach to teaching plein air painting to all levels of painters.
Have a listen to our discussion!


Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Lessons in Classical Painting with Juliette Aristides

It is always a joy to talk with Juliette Aristides. In this discussion we talk about her new book, Lessons in Classical Painting. The book is a must for anyone studying painting and contains well thought out lessons to help the artist see and think along their journey to understanding key essentials to creating beautiful masterpieces.

Have a listen to our discussion.


Art Chat with Linda Fisler:  WAM: Women. Artists. Mentors.  Learn How to Start Your Own Mentoring Group!

Join Linda as she chats with the members of the collaboration WAM, Women. Artists. Mentors. to discuss the benefits of forming a mentoring group. Debra Keirce, Helen Beacham, Kim Minichiello, Carrie Waller, and Maria Bennett Hock meet online monthly to discuss their art journeys and everything about art. Their diverse personalities and styles mesh to form a cohesive, dynamic force that solves problems, creates opportunities and has fun. Find out how you can create a similar group.


Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Color Relationships/Harmony with George Gallo

Join Linda Fisler as she chats with George Gallo.  It’s all about color, color relationships and color harmony for this show!  We discuss using color to express emotion, capturing it en plein air and insuring that the colors we choose create a harmony captivating the viewer.  We’ll also discuss George’s latest art-related movie project.

Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Conversation with Tony Pro

Join Linda Fisler as she welcomes Tony Pro to Art Chat. They discuss painting the human figure, the Coppini Academy and living the artist life.

Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Building Imagery from Abstract Design with Jean Pederson

Join Linda Fisler as she welcomes Jean Pederson to Art Chat. Jean talks about building imagery from an abstract design. Abstract design is a key component to making your painting grab the attention of your viewer. Jean walks us through her process and why abstraction is so important regardless of the genre you paint.


Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Workshop Tips: Making the Most of Your Workshop with Susan Lyon

In this Art Chat, Linda Fisler welcomes Susan Lyon. Susan shares how you can make the most of the workshops you attend. She talks about the stress and pressure that come from comparing yourself to others as well as navigating through the fear of putting yourself out there. She provides helpful tips that will put us on the right road for learning the most from our workshops!


Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Guest Joseph McGurl–Helpful Tips and Being Fearless

Join Linda Fisler as she talks with master artist Joseph McGurl about all things art and using our curiosity to create. Joe walks us through his paintings talking about the unique equipment and techniques he used to create the painting. We touch on some skills too–like composition, color relationships and harmony. Joe has some pretty unique techniques that sometimes surprise artists who take his workshop. His curiosity is his compass.


Join Linda as she welcomes Michael Harding–New Colors, Canvas Prep and Helpful Tips!

Linda chats with Micheal Harding of Michael Harding Hand Made Oil Paints. Michael shares his new paint colors with us! Lots of beautiful colors to change up or add to our current palettes. He also provides pointers on canvas preparation, use of mediums and paint thinners. Need some helpful tips concerning transparency of colors, building paintings by layering colors or which of his colors provide great harmonies for strikingly beautiful human flesh colors? Then this is the chat for you!

Join Linda as she welcomes Author and Creative Entrepreneur Kori Miller to Art Chat.

Linda Fisler interviews Writer and Entrepreneur Kori Miller. Kori wears an number of hat beyond writer which includes mother, tea guru, martial artists, radio host. Her businesses are very different and yet she manages to create, market, and develop strategies that keep her growing. Tune in to hear how Kori manages all she does and how she develops her strategies for success. You’ll walk away thinking outside the artist box and hopefully you will apply what you learn in your art business.

Join Linda as she welcomes Master Artist and Author Scott Burdick to Art Chat.

Like many of the artists we have interviewed this year, Scott is also living a creative entrepreneur life. Scott’s first love was visual art, painting portraits and landscapes capturing its transcendent beauty with expressive brushwork and luscious color harmonies.
Scott also began writing at an early age and has just published his first novel, Nihala. Scott and Linda explore the creative processes for painting and writing, highlighting how each complements the story that is trying to be expressed by artists.

Art Chats with Linda Fisler: From Brush to Palette Knives

Join Sarah Allspaw as she talks with Linda about painting, being a creative entrepreneur and how she got to her creative life she leads. We’ll be discussing her new course over at Artist Network University, From Brush to Palette Knives. We’ll have some photos of work in progress to the thought process she is going through as she creates the painting. Linda will discuss her theory regarding palette knife painting and the insights she shares in the course material and in her new book. We’ll also discuss marketing your art and how to become an entrepreneur. This chat is open for you to ask as many questions as you want and to get to know us a bit better. Join us and identify some extra tools to put into your Artist Toolbox.

If you like to purchase the book, How to Paint from Brush to Palette Knives, click here

Art Chats with Linda Fisler: Problem Solving with Creativity and Passion with Karen Whitworth

Karen is an artist and an entrepreneur who thinks outside of the box to steal a phrase from corporate mindset.  We’ll discuss how she approaches things others call problems, turns them into opportunities and how she then creates a pull for her artwork via these opportunities.  Karen will also discuss a new (ad)venture on the show so be sure to tune in to discover just what that might be!

Art Chats with Linda Fisler: Art in the Age of Emergence with Michael Pearce

Micheal Pearce joins Linda for this Art Chat. Micheal is co-founder of The Representational Art Conference. He will talk about his newly launched book called Art in the Age of Emergence.

Art Chats with Linda Fisler: American Impressionism with Debra Joy Groesser

Art Chats with Linda Fisler: Join Linda Fisler as she chats with the new President and CEO of the American Impressionists Society, Debra Joy Groesser. Linda and Debra will discuss American Impressionism and Debra’s art journey as well as the mission and goals of the American Impressionist Society. We’ll also discuss the benefits of joining art societies/associations, how judging for contests are conducted to name only a few topics. Join us for an enLIGHTening discussion!

Stayin Alive: Artist to Creative Entrepreneur with Joe Anna Arnett

Being an artist today encompasses so much more than standing in front of your easel, attending workshops and getting in galleries. Today’s artist needs to be an entrepreneur and think like an entrepreneur. Join Linda Fisler as she interviews Joe Anna Arnett, a creative entrepreneur, artist, producer, writer. She wears many hats and all are necessary in this wild new art market. Our chat will hopefully light a fire under you to broaden your thinking and your artistic journey.


The American Impressionist Society, American Impressionism, Jurying Show information and More!

Debra Joy Groesser joined Linda to discuss American Impressionism. Debra just took the reigns of the American Impressionist Society. We discussed the society, American Impressionism in general and provided information on how shows are juried. Lots of information and advice was shared during this 90 minute episode!

Are You Ready For Gallery Representation, Doug Eisele

Join Linda Fisler as she chats with Doug Eisele, owner of Eisele Gallery of Fine Art, one of the oldest and most respected galleries in Cincinnati, Ohio.   How do you know your are ready for gallery representation?  How should an artist approach a gallery?  Is there a proper way to pitch a gallery?   What should artists expect from the gallery?  What does the gallery expect from their artists?

The relationship between the gallery and artists is key to success for both parties.  Doug and Linda explore this relationship from start to success!

***Please Note:  This show had an issue with recording and only 43 minutes are available.  We apologize for this issue.  Wish there was something I could do to get it back.  Hopefully we can have Doug back on the show to discuss this topic again.”


Marketing Your Art With Art Biz Coach, Alyson Stanfield

Join Linda as she talks with the Art Biz Coach, Alyson Stanfield. Alyson coaches artists to success with her infectious positive attitude and energetic style.

An art history graduate, former museum curator, collector and museum educator, Alyson has practical experience to help you promote and sell your art! Linda and Alyson will discuss how to prepare for positive change, how to organize for the success you’ve always wanted, how to love your office as much as your studio, how to optimize your time and other secrets Alyson uses to make artists successful.


Restoration, Conservation and Collecting Advice with Doug Eisele

In this Art Chat, Linda welcomes Doug Eisele, owner of  the oldest and more respected gallery in Cincinnati, Eisele Gallery of Fine Art and Old World Restorations.
Whether you are an artist or collector, there are many things you need to know to make wise decisions that will affect your painting’s ability to be restored. We will touch on what artists should know tackling questions about materials as well as when the painting should be varnished. These are only two of the many topics we’ll discuss. If you are a collector,  we will talk about what you should look for before investing in a painting. How do you know if the painting will last?  Are you making a good investment? What other clues should I be looking for? Should I look at the back of the painting? What is restoration? For what reasons is restoration done?  What is the difference between conservation and restoration?


Start Writing Challenge with Joanna Penn!

Arts Chats with Linda Fisler is issuing a challenge for 2015 and Linda will be interviewing UK’s author and writing business adviser Joanna Penn (the Creative Penn) to help you get started writing! The
Challenge? Write a book (art book, coffee table book of your art,etc) or at least start a journal!Now is the time! Start a journal if you have not started one. Turn that journal into a book. All those lessons
learned and discoveries you have made along your artful journey can be shared and enjoyed by other artists, family and friends. Joanna and Linda will help you get started!Joanna Penn and Linda will be
discussing their journey which includes leaving very successful careers in the corporate world to becoming the artists they are today. Joanna will provide inspiration and advice on starting a journal, how to journal each day, and how to build networks of individuals to help you along the way. Become the creative entrepreneur you always wanted to be!Joanna Penn is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers on the edge, as well as non-fiction for authors. She is also a professional speaker and entrepreneur, voted as one of The Guardian UK Top 100 creative professionals 2013.








Committing to an Artistic Life with Lori Putnam
In this art chat, Linda Riesenberg Fisler chats with Lori Putnam about committing to an artistic life. Lori discusses her changing artistic career and her commitment to the arts. Other topics discussed include the importance of mentors, self study, and how teaching has made Lori the artist she is today. Lori also discusses tips for painting plein air and her love of plein air painting.



Elements of Nature from Field to Studio

With Joseph McGurl

In this Art Chat, Linda Fisler, welcomes award winning artist, Joseph McGurl.  Joe has developed his own, unique techniques to replicate, in paint, the realistic characteristics of the objects found in nature. The art chat covers the various skills Joe uses to create masterful and gorgeous landscape paintings. Joe discusses his plein air techniques and effective methods he employs to transform his plein air sketches into a larger scale studio masterpiece.   He will also discuss how understanding the physical aspects of nature can aid the artists depiction of  landscape in a painting.






The Myths and Realities of Creating A Paint

With Carolyn Anderson
Join Linda Riesenberg Fisler as she welcomes Master Artist Carolyn Anderson.   We will be discussing the creative process from reference materials (whether painting from life or from photographs), to how we see and interpret information, and how value, edges and color are all influenced by our knowledge.   We will talk about the positives and negatives of different reference materials and the importance of imparting our critical thinking skills to create an experience that resonates with the viewer.


A Conversation with Kevin Macpherson

Macpherson’s art career has taken him to so many places, both physically
and mentally. Always one ready for travel and adventure, Macpherson’s
life has been full of wanderlust. His recent adventures to China has
brought him inspiration, but also took him on a journey of self
exploration and discovery. Join us as we discussion Macpherson’s
journey and he provides his advice on how you can get the most out of
your art journey.

A Conversation with Art Advisor, Critic and Writer Daniel Brown

About: Daniel Brown is an Independent Art Advisor who builds corporate and private art collections across America. He is also a freelance curator, mainly in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Kansas City, specializing in contemporary art (approximately 350 shows curated). He is a widely published art critic, currently writing regularly for The Artist’s Magazine, and has written catalogs, essays, art reviews and art journalism since 1973. He has collected contemporary art since 1968, and is listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in American Art. Daniel Brown assumed the role of editor of ÆQAI in July of 2010.

Quang Ho–Simplicity-One of the Basics (Often Forgotten)

Quang Ho will be joining Linda on this Art Chat.  Recently, Quang has been exploring a number of new directions. He was painting using a limited, simple palette with minimum color.  We’ll discuss his discoveries during this process, some of which had to deal with value plan and composition.  We look at how simple shapes make the design of the painting stronger.  These are only a few areas that we’ll discuss on this show, so be sure to register for what will be a very popular show.



Drawing: The Elephant in the Room with Joe Anna Arnett.

Join Linda Fisler as she interviews artist Joe Anna Arnett. In this
show we will be discussing the importance of a strong start and how that
is achieved. Joe Anna Arnett, author of the article “Draw Once-Crop
Often” which appeared in The Artist Magazine July / August, 2010 issue,
will provide great insight to why you need to start a great foundation
with drawing. If you want to take your art to a whole new level,
drawing is a basic skill that is needed to do this. Joe Anna and Linda
will pass on tips and technical information to help you improve your
drawing skills.

Oil Paint and Pigments with Michael Harding

Join Linda Fisler as she interviews the industry’s “Colour Man”, Michael Harding to discuss why he hand makes all his oil paints. Michael’s company is based in the UK and we will be broadcasting from Artist Network’s offices. Just why does Michael hand make his paints?  As he will point out, it is not so much what he puts in his paints, but what he leaves out that makes the huge difference.  We’ll explore just what those omitted ingredients do in terms of color mixing and how it effects your paintings aging process.  Michael will also share the newest colors to his line up and where you can buy his products.  Where you ever curious what was in your oil paint?  Did you ever notice the difference between two tubes of the same color?  How much pigment is in oil paints and does it matter in regards to the painting’s aging process?  We’ll even ask Michael why and how important it is to use only the best materials.




Live Broadcast from TRAC2014 March 4th, 2014


Live Broadcast from TRAC2014 March 3rd, 2014


Michael Pearce:  Emergence, TRAC2014 and Why Beauty Matters


Inspiration from New Directions with Tony Pro

The Role of New Media in Art with Deanna Piowaty and John Seed

Why Beauty Matters with Michael Pearce and Michael Lynn Adams

Breaking Creative Blocks with Peggi Kroll Roberts

Talking Alla Prima II with Molly Schmid

The Vision of Represetational Art with Michael Pearce and Juliette Aristides

East Coast Meets West Coast Art Renaissance with Joseph McGurl

Coming Up With New Ideas to Paint with Scott Christensen

Color My World with Michael Harding

Mastering Edges with Carolyn Anderson

TRAC2014 and Looking Forward to Our Renaissance

Finding Your Own Voice with Kenn Backhaus

The Evolution of Seeing with Quang Ho

George Gallo Talks about Edward Redfield and the Pennsylvania Impressionists

Keeping It Fresh with Kevin Macpherson and C.W. Mundy

Astract Realism with David A. Leffel

Michael Pearce on the 21st Century Art Renaissance

The Language of Drawing and Abstract Realism with Sherrie McGraw

Live from Weekend With the Masters Sept 7, 2012

Live from Weekend With the Masters  Sept 6, 1012

Conversation with Jennifer McChristian

Conversation with Joseph McGurl

Conversation with Jeffrey Watts

Conversation with Juliette Aristides

Wassup With Your Oil Paints with Tony Pro and Michael Harding

Investigating the Creative Process with Musician Wayne Johnson

Conversation with C.W. Mundy

What Makes a Great Painting

Conversation with George Gallo

Still Life versus Plein Air with Joe Anna Arnett



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