Art Chat with Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon

I chatted with Bridgette Mongeon, our first sculptor on the show. Bridgette is a ball of creating, marketing, sculpting, writing, and fun energy!  Our chat starts with her talking about her artistic journey and why she chose sculpting as her expressive media.

Bridgette lives in Houston and has just completed a six-year project. She talks about this project, from securing the commission to its installation April 21st. It celebrates the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. The statues are huge–I believe I recall that the Mad Hatter is over 9 feet tall!  She also challenges up to find the 150 hidden objects within the piece. In the featured picture above, that is Bridgette’s granddaughter giving Alice a kiss.

Bridgette is also a writer and has written an instruction book for sculpting and is in the process of writing another book–which you can find out about by listening to the chat.

To listen to this art chat, click here.

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Upcoming shows–I’m recording a show with Michael Harding on April 25th. More to come…so stay tuned.

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