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My Open Letter to Senator Brown

lfisler : December 12, 2016 10:43 am : Blind Series

Dear Senator Brown,

First allow me to say thank you for your service and your pledge to thoroughly vet President-Elect’s nominations to his cabinet.  Each requires a thorough vetting.  Each should be reminded that running government is not like running a business.  A Trump administration will certainly show us why corporations and business should not be so interwined with government.

I’m writing you today to ask that you and a bipartisan coalition form a leadership committee during the investigation into Russian hacking to sway the outcome of our elections. The framework of the Constitution provides for a powerful Congress. Checks and balances prevents each branch from becoming a dictatorship.  In this interim time, between President Obama leaving and President-Elect Trump’s inaugration, the Congress needs to come together to demonstrate to the world that we will not allow for foreign countries to interfere with our elections. Our nation has instilled many democracies in foreign nations and insured that their elections were just and conducted without interference.  What kind of message are we sending to those countries if our Congress does not step up and lead?

Senator, this is a crucial time.  It is a time to set the petty differences between parties aside and realize that we have been attacked by Russia.  This interference with fake news and hacking into email servers/databases is a form of cyber warfare. Our Congress should not be standing idiolly by or showing a weak support for the investigation. Senators Schumer, Reed, McCain and Graham is a strong start, but I urge all of Congress to stand united behind these four senators. The last eight years of obstruction has shown me that the power to govern does not rest with the President. It is the Congress that holds the power.

Our founding fathers realized that America was uneducated when they framed the Constitution. One would hope that our education system had improved over the years. One would have also hoped that our acceptance of all races and all religions would have grown beyond the division that still exists. We need to bridge these gaps.  We need to stand up to our enemies and send a strong message that we will not tolerate interference in our government nor our elections.

Do not expect President Obama to lead any more than he has done. His call for the investigation is as far as he can take it without it looking like he is not willing to relinquish his presidency. These are waters not yet navigated. It is Congress’s duty to take up the torch and insure that our rights and our government is protected.  I urge you and the Senate to form a Select Committee to conduct a speedy investigation and to outline the steps needed to insure an election can be conducted without foreign intervention.

If the worry is that the nation will become even more divided, that should not enter one’s thoughts. The country has been divided in the past and will be divided in the future. During those times of divide, it was strong bipartisan leadership that brought the country together. It was a common enemy.  This investigation has nothing to do with President-Elect Trump and his reality TV chaos or his need for absolute power. This situation has everything to do with an electorate that believes in the Congress and its ability to govern.  If this government fails to restore our faith, then it is certain to fail our hopes and dreams for a strong America.

Linda Riesenberg Fisler

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