Blind Alliance

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Book 3 of the Blind Series launched on April 1, 2017.

After revealing the conspiracy concerning President Andrews’s assassination, Nicole is recovering from the attempt on her life. Sean, who vows never to leave her side, anxiously waits for information to determine who tried to kill Nicole. Both are convinced that it was Kent, who assumed the Serpent’s identity, but another MI6 agent provides conflicting information. Cut off from MI6 and intelligence briefings, Nicole and Sean retreat to the Scottish Highlands for protection. Who else wants Nicole killed? Will hiding out in Inverness keep them safe?

Senator Jenkins is running for president. Now that the Sipes confession tape is public thanks to Nicole; Jenkins must launch a Senate investigation committee triggering the impeachment process and catapulting his opposing candidate’s party into chaos. Jenkins’s past comes back to haunt him, causing him to make a surprise announcement that could ruin him. Can Jenkins neutralize those manipulating him? Will his past ruin his chances to become president? Are the American people capable of forgiving his transgressions?

Blind Alliance, the third book in the Blind Series and set in 1980, provides a captivating tale of three people seeking justice amid the powerful and deceitful bureaucrats.

What readers are saying:

Our book club ordered everyone an autographed copy directly from the author. We had read the first two books in the series, and loved meeting Linda at a book signing event. So once they arrived, we moved the selection to the current month’s gathering. We couldn’t wait to talk about the third book in the “Blind” series! The first question asked was “When is the next one coming out?!”
“Blind Alliance” continues the intrigue, character development, and plot twists so artfully crafted by this author. This series does an excellent job of capturing the undercurrents, intrigue, and power broker maneuverings of political life.


I have now read all three books in the Blind Series. I loved them all. Political intrigue, political corruption, history, interesting characters and a quick read because I couldn’t put it down. Anxious for the next trilogy.. I want to continue to read about these characters as they experience new adventures! –Raffles

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