Blind Influence: Five Star Reviews On Amazon

I am releasing Blind Influence in May of 2015, but the challenge now is to get it out into the world — that’s where you can help me!

If you’d like to read more about the novel (including the five star reviews,) check it out on Amazon.*

*You don’t have to review the novel on Amazon, but that’s really why I’m giving away 3 copies in the Goodreads giveaway — your support is greatly appreciated!

I have written a novella prequel. This prequel focuses on some of the characters of Blind Influence providing interesting back stories on the characters. You will first meet Nicole Charbonneau, who is attending Harvard Law School. You join Sean Adkins as he is sent on his final test at the MI6 training facility. Finally, you will participate in Navy SEAL Hell Week training with Robert Jenkins.

The prequel Novella is called Blind Intention and you can download it now

*****FREE**** as a thank you for your interest in Blind Influence and your help in spreading the word about my debut novel! I am so very grateful for your support. To obtain your copy of Blind Intention, just pop in your email address** and a link to the downloadable copy will be sent to your email inbox.

**I don’t spam people. Never have, never will. That said, if you don’t want to get any emails from me in the future, just unsubscribe after you download the book!



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