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Our book club ordered everyone an autographed copy directly from the author. We had read the first two books in the series, and loved meeting Linda at a book signing event. So once they arrived, we moved the selection to the current month’s gathering. We couldn’t wait to talk about the third book in the “Blind” series! The first question asked was “When is the next one coming out?!”

“Blind Alliance” continues the intrigue, character development, and plot twists so artfully crafted by this author. This series does an excellent job of capturing the undercurrents, intrigue, and power broker maneuverings of political life. –A.M


Blind Influence

Interwoven plots of international intrigue propel the storyline. Through all the twists and turns, the author uses solid dialogue and three-dimensional characters to keep the pages turning! There is a visual experience in the words that demonstrate her other talents. Linda is equal parts writer and artist – a rare combination that brings her story to life!