Charlie Wilson’s War

The other day I needed a break. I started back into my workout routine and this old body said enough. I flipped on a movie, justifying it as research. The movie was Charlie Wilson’s War, screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin. (If I’m going to research it’s gotta be one of my favorites.) I’ve seen this movie many times.
I won’t bore you with all the technical things I was making note of, but do know the mind was thinking technical writing things, when this thought hit me. Charlie Wilson’s war, his visit to Afghanistan, happened in 1980. For those who have not read my novels, that was the year the Soviet-Afghan War began–more accurately said–it was the year the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.
Throughout the movie I kept hearing familiar cities–Kabul being one of them. And that’s when it hit me. If you were born in Kabul in 1980 and if you survived, you would be 36 years old today. Here’s the real sobering part–and all your life all you have known is war. Think about that–36 years living in a city that has been the punching bag for the major powers: the research and development playing field for the super powers who should know better.
Toward the end of the movie, the CIA operative tells Charlie the Soviets have pulled back. That now, we should spend just as much money to educate the Afghans. Of course, that never happened.
And we wonder why they hate us.

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