Color Your World–New TV Show

What has been in the works is now official!  Linda Riesenberg Fisler will be the host of a new public access television show called “Color Your World“.    The show will include demonstrations and interviews presented in a fun way to help foster appreciation for the arts.  The show won’t just focus on visual arts.  Oh no!  We are going to be talking with writers, framers, painters, sculptors, and musicians.  If it is creative, then it is a good candidate to be on the show.

“Color Your World” will debut in January 2014 with filming to start on December 2nd, 2013.  The shows will be loaded up to the web through TV Middletown and available for all to enjoy regardless of your location in the world.  The website here will be changing a bit too, with a page being created that will be dedicated to the show.   First up though is to get a spiffy logo designed!!

More information to be announce in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!  Same bat time…same bat channel..oh wait–wrong show!

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