Painting Breaks

Knowing you all are visual people, it is kind of funny that I don’t have any visuals for this piece. Hang in there. Hopefully, I will have some next week.

I’m working on two painting now. One I have lost interest in and one that I’m excited to get to work on again tomorrow. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the two paintings.

First painting: Boats

My students like when I paint during class. I get them set up, and then I set up, and off I go! It is more fun, and they get to watch my thought process as I work through the painting. It generates discussion, and it helps them to grow and think as well.

So I started this large painting with no thought about what I wanted to paint. It was turning cold, and I thought: “Let’s paint some boats.”  That is the problem with this whole painting. I hurriedly pick some reference photos, created my value study and then throughout the painting became disenchanted with the entire scene. It happens to all of us, and I don’t feel like it is a failure. It was reassuring to my students, and I have demonstrated a few techniques in the painting from which they are benefitting.

Standing back and walking away from it, for now, has allowed me to see the many things I dislike about it. Trust me, they all stem back to not having a clear vision to the painting. I have to say; this painting was started while my husband was recovering from a cycling accident that was horrendous (he is fine now!) and the loss of one of my precious kitties. My mind just wasn’t into painting boats or anything else at the time. I can see it in my work.  So, yes, it is time to walk away from that one. I’ll pull it out and make more decisions at some point.  When I complete it, I’ll share it, but not before.

Second Painting:  Giverny lily pond

Last week, I decided that I just couldn’t work on the boat painting another week. I have two new students–well one new student and one “featured” artist who is young and things he is a master artist even though he has never worked in oils. Sense any frustration here?—Yeah–I thought so, but that is a whole different blog.

Anyway, My husband took many beautiful photos when we visited Giverny a few years back. I decided to use his one photos of the lily pond for the reference for my painting. After getting everyone stepped up, and realizing I left my Michael Harding Ivory Black in my downstairs studio, I mixed up a warm, grayish color from the primary colors. It is a beautiful mud color that is a little on the warm side.  I created four values and went to work. I squinted and searched for shapes. I studied what I loved about the painting. I made mental notes what I might take out. It was fun actually to be painting again.

I’ll take a photo with my phone before I start on this one again. I’ll share the process of both shortly. Stay tuned!


PS–just to tease you–the featured image has nothing to do with this blog. It is France, but not Giverny. It reminded me I need to paint this one too!

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