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Talking Podcasting with Andrew Allemann

Yesterday, I spent a delightful hour talking with Andrew Allemann, founder of I’d like to share some of the highlights of our discussion.

Andrew identified a much-needed service. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent searching for podcasts that were still on the air–we’ll just leave it at frustrating countless hours! When I would find a podcast that I would like to be a guest on, I would carefully craft my pitch and send an email. In the majority of the times, I would receive no answer from the host or a response that confirmed my suspicion that the podcast was no longer active.

Andrew is a blogger and podcaster. As he discusses in this interview, he started because he was tapping out his Rolodex of connections and began searching for a new set of guests to interview. He spent that same amount of time I have and then decided to create this service. I joined up and then asked Andrew to join me on All Things Creative.

I found out some exciting information from Andrew. First, I found out my audience is quite exceptional. Many of my podcasts have been downloaded from 2500-3000 times–meaning I have that amount of listeners! He provided that the median number of listeners falls in the 200-300 range. Art Chat/All Things Creative ranks in the top 20% when it comes to the number of listeners. If that isn’t awesome enough, consider this perspective. If you could get the number of your listeners (so, let’s roughly say 2500 of you) all sitting in one room for a presentation, would you be excited about that? You bet you would!

With that in mind and knowing some folks just aren’t interested in organizing a podcast every week or month, let me ask you this. If you could talk about your book, art, maybe your a voracious reader who would like to talk about the books you are reading, or whatever your passion is, wouldn’t be awesome to be able to share that with an average of 200-300 people? Well–then maybe you should become a guest on the right podcast. can help you get linked up with those appropriate shows!

Now, as I noted above, I have joined at the premium level. When listening to the show, you’ll hear Andrew and I talk about building the art side of this business. So, I’m encouraging my fellow authors, artists, friends with a passion, readers–anyone with an interest to listen, guest or become a podcaster–to sign up for this great service. has three entry levels: free, basic ($9/month) and premium ($29/month). Click here to join:

As I said, you can join for free: Click here (You will receive a newsletter with featured guests, but more importantly if you love to listen to podcasts, you will be introduced to shows that you may not have heard of before! Awesome!)

What does $9 a month get you? (This is for those who want to be a guest. You will get a listing which you can check out here.)

Your own online “one-pager”
Profile listed in expert guest directory
Mobile-friendly profile
Simple profile URL you can share with others
Podcasters contact you directly through your profile
Link to 1 website
Listed in one category
Profile visible in the expert directory


Want to start podcasting and be a guest? Then I recommend that you join at the premium level for $29/month. With this package you get the following services:

The basic package PLUS:
Link to up to 3 websites
Listed in 2 categories
Profile featured above non-Premium profiles
Booking accelerator: Your profile featured in the newsletter on a rotating basis sent to 3,000 people!!


You can unsubscribe from the service at any time, so why not give it a try? Click here to join today! Help Andrew build a virtual Rolodex of artistic experts today!

Here’s the podcast which contains some excellent advice for being a guest and a podcaster. You can listen or watch the video. The video on youtube “introduces” you to the site, so you may want to watch this episode versus just listening.

Thanks for all your support and taking time to listen! Questions? Email me at lfisler(at)lindafisler[dot]com  (remove the words at and dot and put the symbols.)

Buzzsprout–audio only

Art Chat: Visual Storytelling with Gabrielle de Cuir

Join Linda as she welcomes Gabrielle de Cuir for this exciting storytelling discussion!

We stepped outside the artist world to get some advice on visual storytelling. Whether we are creating a painting, writing a book or recording an audio book, we need visual storytelling. Gabrielle de Cuir is a producer and CEO of Skyboat Media and a wonderful storyteller. Join us as she provides advice for telling stories: advice that will help you tell stories with your brush and, if you are interested, with your pen!

Click here to register today!gabrielledecuirWednesday, Sept. 14, 2016, 1-2:30 p.m. EST

At the end of the Art Chat, there’ll be a live Q&A! If you can’t join us Sept. 14, register now so you’ll receive a link to the recorded version.

Art Chat with Juliette Aristides Now Available!

It is always a joy to talk with Juliette Aristides.  In this discussion we talk about her new book, Lessons in Classical Painting.  The book is a must for anyone studying painting and contains well thought out lessons to help the artist see and think along their journey to understanding key essentials to creating beautiful masterpieces.

Have a listen to our discussion.


If the Art World Was Like….

This post has been moved to the Artistic Harmonies membership site.

To join, click here

Creation of Art Chat Library!

We figured it was about time.  After all we’ve been on the one in one form or another for about two years now.  Each show brings new insight and new listeners.   Our latest effort that was aired with our new partners at F+W Media’s Artist Network was on February 14th and is being very well received.  In fact we are on path to break the all time listens record.  But we are getting off topic.   Now you can visit the Art Chat Library and listen to any of our past shows!  One stop shopping so to speak!   As we complete new shows, they will be added to the Art Chat Library.   Organization is a good thing and we hope you enjoy the shows and the convenience.

You can find the link to the Art Chat Library on the menu bar above or by selecting this link.