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New Pickwick Workshop Series Offered in Downtown Middletown

Carolyn Anderson is Coming to Ohio!!

Finally!!!  I can finally announce a partnership that promises to bring some nationally recognized artist to Downtown Middletown and we are pretty darn excited about it!

Chris Lohr, owned of the Pickwick House & Studio, and Linda Riesenberg Fisler chatted over lunch one day. Linda expressed her desire to host a workshop series and Chris joined Linda in that desire. After a little more conversation, the Pickwick Studio Workshop Series was created!!

Chris and Linda met a few times discussing the details and then they got to work. After having attended many workshops, instructing, and talking with other artists, it was clear that students lamented that they desired smaller class sizes so that more one on one instruction could be given. They also lamented that they would prefer to have workshop offered to just intermediate to advanced students so that time could be spent on topics not covered due to the limitations of time and class size.

“I’ve always wanted to launch a series of workshops that was geared to a piece of the art market that I don’t think is being addressed; a small class size (ten students) filled with artists who are at the intermediate to advance level and want a fun but intensive experience with a master artist. If we could have gone smaller and made the numbers work, meaning cover the daily rate of the master artist and other costs, we would have. The numbers don’t work for anything smaller, but we are hopeful that this experience will blow artists away!”  Riesenberg-Fisler commented.  “Chris and I are into a lot of different things–writing, creating music, marketing, and so on.  We may even expand our scope a bit in the future.  It’s a thought, but for now we are focused on bringing master artists here for workshops that intermediate to advanced painters would enjoy attending. These workshop are designed to help us up our game, be intensive, provide lots of attention, but be friendly and fun too.”  The Pickwick Studio Workshop Series is just starting out and just starting to pull its 2017 calendar together, but it is not wasting any time!

Kicking off the series is a nationally recognized master artist who lives forty miles from the Canadian border in Montana. Carolyn Anderson, who has appeared as a guest on Riesenberg Fisler’s Art Chat a number of times, will open the series in March.  Carolyn is well known to artists and her work is recognized across the nation. “The workshop will focus on fixed subject with fixed light,” Carolyn explained. “We’ll be painting utilizing live models and on the last day, we’ll discuss painting from photographs.”   For more on the workshop, which is entitled, “Interpreting Reality”, Click here.

In July 2017, Pickwick Studio Workshop Series welcome Debra Keirce, who is a master artist who specializes in painting miniatures. Here paintings can sit in the palm of your hand, but the detail achieved is amazing!  Debra lives in Virginia and travels across the nation(and sometimes internationally) conducting workshops, attending award shows for miniatures and painting with her group of artist mentors. She also has been a guest on Art Chat.  “The benefits of painting in miniature include smaller work and storage spaces, less expense in supplies and shipping, a unique niche audience in the art world, and the camaraderie of a unique group of artists once you are assimilated into the societies and shows.” Debra described.  For more information on this workshop, Click here.

You may recall that these workshops are design to accommodate a small number of artists–TEN–to be precise.  If you want to attend either or both of these workshops, we advise you to sign up quickly.  Don’t take a chance and wait–it may fill up quickly and you’ll be left out in the cold!

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Art Chat: Let’s Talk Color With Carolyn Anderson!

Join Linda as she welcomes

Carolyn Anderson

for this exciting discussion about color!






Is blue really a cool temperature? Can red be cool or warm? What about warm colors in shadow? What’s the science around pigments and light? How does it affect how we see and interpret color? These are just a few questions that Carolyn and Linda will explore.

Before the Race 12x12 300dpi 2                                             Before the Race by Carolyn Anderson

When:  August 24, 2016   at  1:00 Eastern/11:00 Mountain

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me 3-082(1)                                                      Carolyn Anderson


Myths and Realities of Creating a Painting

This was probably one of the most engaging and exciting talks we have done recently.”  Riesenberg Fisler said when she finished this Art Chats with Linda Fisler show on Friday, August 22nd.  “When I talk with Carolyn on the phone, our conversations are direct and honest.  Carolyn is a fabulous instructor/mentor to all she teaches.  Of course her art is gorgeous.  Carolyn’s message on visual language is her gift to us and her passion to express this is very evident in our chat.”

This chat covers a lot of territory from what the myths are (hear Carolyn’s perspective on the “rules” of painting), to how we see and interpret what we see, to using our reference materials (whether direct observation or photo reference).   You really don’t want to miss this chat.

“There were some great questions from our audience too.  I’m so thankful that I can offer these chats with the help of Sarah Allspaw and F+W Media.   Of course, without our listeners, there would be no reason to continue.  So a huge thank you for tuning us in, whether that be live or via the video after the fact.”  Fisler adds.  “Get your pens ready. You’ll want to be taking plenty of notes with this one!”


Myths and Realities of Creating a Painting

Myths and Realities of Creating a Painting

with Carolyn Anderson

Before the Race 9x12 06                                                                  Before the Race by Carolyn Anderson

Join Linda Riesenberg Fisler as she welcomes Master Artist Carolyn Anderson.   We will be discussing the creative process from reference materials (whether painting from life or from photographs), to how we see and interpret information, and how value, edges and color are all influenced by our knowledge.   We will talk about the positives and negatives of different reference materials and the importance of imparting our critical thinking skills to create an experience that resonates with the viewer.

When:   August 22, 2014  at 1:30 pm Eastern

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Our Second Most Popular Show!

As mentioned previously with the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season upon us, we are re-featuring our most popular episodes.   Our second most popular is our episode on “Mastering Edges with Carolyn Anderson“.    We are also happy to announce that you can now listen to the episode on our site by clicking on it below.

                                              Brothers by Carolyn Anderson

This episode had over 15,000 listens.  It is one not to be missed and should be revisited often to remind ourselves about painting edges.  Mastering edges is a must for our work to go to the next level.  There has been lots of study of edges!

If you are ready, one of the challenges in the Artist Network University course entitled “Art Challenge: 4 Challenges to Improve Your Painting Skills”  involves edges.   The session for this class starts on December 17.    The feedback from the students that have taken this course has been very positive and the exploration they went into, devoting a week of study on specific areas like edges, has greatly impacted their work.  It was such an honor and pleasure to watch their work grow! It is well worth the investment in your skills.   Register now!