That Moment When…

Someone else writes a blog about your book/audiobook and it’s awesome!  Yeah–that me right now!  Check out Skyboat Media’s blog about Blind Influence, click here.

Gabrielle de Cuir, Stefan Rudnicki, and Jodi Forres have been wonderful to work with and we have been enjoying listening to the audiobook.  Stefan’s is referred to as the Golden Voice and I have to agree. Gabrielle brings both her acting credentials and directing credentials to the project–both shining through immensely!  If you haven’t listened to the two-part audio samples provided in earlier blogs, they will be listed below for you.  And a very special thank you for their hard work and wonderful audiobook!

I will admit when I first heard Stefan’s brilliant opening to the book, shivers ran up my spine and tears filled my eyes. To hear someone else breath life into your work is amazing. I can only imagine what seeing it on film must feel like. Hopefully, someday I will experience that!  Then after a while, I realized as Nicole, Jenkins, and Sean started speaking in my head, that they sound different than what I hear when I’m writing them. That isn’t saying it is a bad thing–because it certainly is not!  I saw for the first time, someone else’s interpretation of my characters and what I wrote.

When painting, you really never experience how others see your work. You occasionally hear compliments or how much they like a certain area, but you don’t hear or see them become the painting. With writing and then it passing to someone else to create an audio version, they suddenly become those characters. What an amazing transcendence!  I’m loving every minute of it.

Here are the links to Chapter One, Part One and Part Two of Blind Influence (Click the link to order your copy today)

Don’t they sound great?  What does Nicole, Sean, and Jenkins sound like in your head?

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