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Your contact for this mission is the author of the Blind Series novels, Linda Riesenberg Fisler.  Hang with me on this espionage theme as I introduce myself to you. I’m an award-winning author and artist who began writing when the first crayon was placed in my hand. I left my day job to live a more creative life and it has been a hoot! I published the first book in the Blind Series in 2015, followed by two more books in 2016 and 2017. Right out of the gate, my first novel placed in three book competitions. I’m currently writing the next trilogy in the series and editing the fourth book, which will be called Cloaked.  This brings us to the mission and your objective should you choose to accept it.

Since 2015, I’ve been funding my writing/publishing efforts with money generated through art commissions and teaching oil painting. Let’s just say that is my cover–I’m an artist, but my true identity is being an author. While I’ve managed to publish the books (along with art instruction books too), build some assets (as in truly awesome super fans), and moved up through the ranks along the way, I find myself still largely on my own as an undercover spy usually does. I need to cultivate a better spy network to support the podcasts, editing, and publishing of the series, and that is where you come in!

Just to give you an idea of the cost of this operation, I’ll supply some of the necessary items for this mission. Monthly costs for producing a podcast (from the software needed to create it to hosting the podcast), keeping the websites up, software for book cover creation, software for creating the books, software for creating videos (podcast related and beyond), research, and creating propaganda (bookmarks, business cards, postcards, etc) for book signings typically adds up to over $250 a month. Travel on this mission has been limited (book signings/speaking engagements), but the scope is widening and offers are always entertained and appreciated.  Editing from my amazing editor adds another $1500 per book and Blind Influence has just launched as an audiobook which cost close to $4000.

The mission is to convert Blind Persuasion and Blind Alliance into stellar audiobooks just like Blind Influence was while continuing to write the next trilogy of the series. Ultimately, my goal is to get this book series made into movies or a series (think Netflix). As you can imagine, I’d like to raise the funds to continue this journey without having to dip into personal funds. What I make on art instruction and on commissions (chasing down the commissions takes time away from my writing) doesn’t cover the editing of the books or the audiobook creation. It barely covers the monthly costs. And it would be awesome to use my art instruction money to cover the cost of art supplies again.

What do you get for joining the mission? You’ll have exclusive access to podcasts, author readings, Blind Series Chapters, free member access to the Blind Series website, deleted scenes (along with explanations on why they were cut from the mission), and depending on what level you join, access to a monthly meeting of the spy ring (aka question and answer session), coffee mug which features the book covers, greeting cards featuring my artwork (blank inside for you to write your secret messages), and discounted or free autographed copies of the paperback novels (This depends on how much funding is received). Possibly, you, as a member of my spy ring, could join me on a podcast to talk about the books and your favorite scenes–only if you want to blow your cover! 😉

Together, along with Sean (MI6 agent), Nicole (attorney), and Senator Jenkins (3 of the characters in my novels), we might just be able to change the course of history.  Join us for this thrilling ride of mystery, espionage, and political intrigue.


For my patrons, here’s a post featuring a scene from the Blind Influence Audiobook–Day One-Part One–London England.

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