We Have A Network! A New Podcast!

With the launch of the audiobook happening in a few weeks, we’ve decided it was time to set up our own network: The Blind Series Network!  It officially launches today!


As I have stated on a previous podcast, the idea of performing author readings absolutely frightens me. Everyone knows to get better at something means lots of practice. I decided since I have to practice reading out loud, while not add the pressure of creating a podcast and record my author readings. So, there it is. The gauntlet has been thrown down and we’re accepting it.

We start the Blind Series Network off with an introduction about what the network will entail. It also includes the foreward written and read by my good friend, George Gallo. George is a screenwriter, author, artist, director, and producer, living the creative life to its utmost. Above all, I feel George is a kindred spirit. We lift each other up and the sound of his voice strengthens my passion to continue creating.  I hope you enjoy the foreward he wrote and reads in this first episode of The Blind Series Network.  Enjoy!


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