We’re Taking a Break!

We are taking a little break from Art Chat this month, but will be back in November! Steven DaLuz will be joining us. I’m really excited to be talking to Steven. The topic will be about his process and about tapping into our imagination to help us create. More on that in the next newsletter.

In this newsletter, we need a little help from our friends. It’s survey time. I really enjoy conducting the interviews for Art Chat. My goal was and still is, “To provide today’s artist and future artists with information from our current Master artists.” I have always wanted Art Chat to be a historical record of our art journey for future artists to look back on and listen to with enjoyment and maybe a touch of awe. I think about what we would have learned if this technology was available when Claude Monet was painting–or Da Vinci or (fill in your favorite artist here).

However, after a while you wonder if it is making a difference and if people are appreciating the work that goes into getting these done. And you wonder who else we should capture for historical sake. This is where you come in!!

I’ve created a two question survey for Art Chats. If you could take the time to provide me with a little direction–who you would like to hear on Art Chat and the topics you want to hear about, I would be very grateful.

Click here to take the ART CHAT SURVEY

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