What Do You Listen To and When?

Blind Series Audio Book Opportunity

–Help Me Decide Please!

I have a wonderful opportunity to have Skyboat Media in Los Angeles, California convert Blind Influence into an audio book. This is really exciting because Stefan, my contact for this project, really enjoyed both Blind Influence and Blind Persuasion. He understood that the story needs to be told by a male and female narrator. It’s almost like it would be an audio play. This is an opportunity to create a top notch audio book and it won’t be cheap! If you listen to a lot of audio books, you would recognize Stefan’s voice and you would recognize Gabrielle de Cuir’s voice (especially if you listened to our last Art Chat on Visual Storytelling).

So, again, I need your help with a quick little survey. I’m trying to determine if I venture out into a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project. There would be a number of incentives with the campaign and also, I’m curious about your reading habits–do you listen to audio books when you paint, relax or ???? So, if you could help me out by answering these questions too, I’d really appreciate your input.

Click here to take the BLIND SERIES AUDIO BOOK survey.

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